Gold, Greed, Guile, and Gumption


Gold, Greed, Guile, and Gumption

From all over the world the Gold Rush and the years that followed brought numerous people from varying backgrounds to the towns of the California mother lode. They came for a multitude of reasons, hope for wealth being only one. For all of them unanticipated opportunities as well as unforeseen disappointments awaited.

The Stories

The Constable of Angels: Calaveras County Constable Jack Curtis arrests a serial killer and wins the hand of a beautiful widow in the bargain.

Suzanna and the Banker: A savvy entrepreneurial woman teams up with a banker to open the finest brothel in Angels Camp.

Freedom Papers: A slave, who accompanies his master to the digs, gains his freedom only to lose his life.

Come Away With Me: A lonely schoolmaster and a reluctant prostitute learn that together they can find happiness.

Cheung Wei and Charlie: A hard working Chinese immigrant turns the tables on an unscrupulous army deserter.

The Reverend Mulcaster: Snake oil salesman turned preacher is done-in by his unfaithful adherents.

The Saloon Girl: An orphaned young woman rises from saloon hostess to become owner of a successful restaurant in the burgeoning town of Jackson.

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