A Wrathful Vintage

Excerpts from A Wrathful Vintage

The victim, whose bloody torso appeared as if he had been shot at close range with a shotgun, lay by the side of the road at the edge of a vineyard. The man was clean shaven except for a small well trimmed mustache. His hair appeared to have been recently cut. His bloody shirt had been a short sleeved light blue Oxford cloth with button down collar. His disheveled mud stained chino trousers, blotched with blood, appeared to be fairly new. His feet were encased in serviceable but stylish high top slip-on leather shoes. They quickly concluded the victim was a person of at least some means. They would wait for the medical examiner rather than fishing through the victims pocket for identification. It appeared to both investigators that the man had probably been killed elsewhere and his body transported to its present location.

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